The latest terms of services released by Instagram has given the company unlimited and full rights over all the images and content uploaded by its users. Instagram has now been purchased by Facebook and it still allows its users to share photos, images and information absolutely free. However as per a recent update for its users, all content shared on Instagram will essentially belong to Instagram.

Sharing of Information

It does not really matter how Instagram worded there policy, what matters is what it really meant. Today, people all around the world actively use social media sites to share various kinds of information and to check out others information. Sites like make it convenient for them to update multiple social media sites at the same time. In such an environment it becomes more than easy to slip in personal information into your social media stream. All of this information is used by the so called free sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. They use this information to create user data which is rented out, sold and used by multiple marketing and advertising initiatives from all around the world.

Complexity of Modern Marketing

Marketing has become more complex and more effective over the years. Today businesses do not want to spend a single dollar uselessly, regardless of the capital they have. They want to ensure that every dollar they spent would bring back huge returns. For this purpose they gather all information they can about everyone they can and then decide who to target with their marketing campaigns. It would certainly be a waste to market a product that can only be used by females to a male. It would be a waste of money, time and efforts.

Capture of Usage Data

Have you ever wondered why the ads that come on various websites you visit are somehow showing products that you were just searching for? For example if you were checking for some flights on Google, immediately every site with ads you visit will start shows the ads for flight companies. This is because Google readily records what you do on the internet and uses that to target marketing campaigns towards you. Same is done be Facebook and other social media sites. It would be useless to find ways to protect yourself from this. The only way is to stop using sites like Facebook or even the internet, but if you cannot stop, then stop worrying about it.

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